Its been 16 wks of school and I can tell you there has been nothing normal about school 2020 style. Sapphire started her Freshman year so excited even with the fact she’d have to do it from home…then reality set in. By week 4 she would have a daily cry and a stomp around the house because of her perception of poor communication, lack of understanding  and general frustration with school from home. 

Honestly, out of fear I kept her home.  Back in June I said God what would you have me do? Should I let her back in school with the virus raging. Then a peace came over me and I knew i wouldn’t have to make the choice. And I didn’t…they closed the schools for the first 9wks. God knew my concerns about her going so in true FATHER form he allowed me to take the safe route and learn the lesson. He knew I had to see Sapphire struggle before I would let her go back to school willingly. 

So after 9wks of crying and feelings of loneliness we were able to switch to going on campus twice a week. And then SHE WAS BACK. My happy-go-lucky, social butterfly, fashionista was back. Sapphire went from a depressed and stressed freshman to a fun loving delight in a week. I had not seen the decline into depression on her because I enjoyed staying home and we would still take small trips here and there so I thought it was enough. I didn’t realize how sad she was until she was waking me up in the middle of the night crying that her life sucked. The first night I talked her through it…the 2nd time I called in the calvary….my sister circle, prayer, and the church counselors. They all stepped up and spent time talking with Sapphire but the ultimate change was me getting over my own fears and allowing my social butterfly to bloom. 

Now she’s in school and has funny stories for me every day. We wear a mask and wash our hands and the school does an excellent job of keeping the children safe. Now if we could just keep the boys away…🧐

Sapphire’s 10th Birthday

They met in Second grade and wanted to spend every minute together. They were together so much that their moms became best friends too.  Then they grew up and things changed. Middle school happened: social groups changed, interest changed, and then physical distance (final nail in friendship coffin).  Our families went from seeing one another everyday to twice a month. 

Different as night and day. Arie is the skater girl in all black, into gaming, dark moody songs and lover of all animals. Sapphire is the social butterfly, loves makeup, hair, and shopping, with a soft spot for people in need.  Because of there differences there have been hurt feels that had to be managed.  So when Cora and I decided our families should shelter in place together I had concerns about how long the peace would last.

Then Friday I looked outside and saw the girls laughing and playing on the trampoline and it made me smile.  I remembered all the misunderstandings, frustrated talks on the drive home and my demand for servility. So to see them genuinely hanging out and discussing college choices…mind blown! During this quarantine theses two have stayed up late chatting, sat together to do school work, they even tag team teasing Devin (the little sister). Not one argument…yet. Not saying that they are the bests of friends (still different as night and day) but they care about one another and look out for one another again. I see God doing a new thing in this friendship and in the lives of our families. The peace of God is in this house and love & patience is abounding. 

Although these are scary times I choose to see the benefits of the shelter in place….quality time! I hope you find glimmers of hope for your family as well. 

Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”